Who is KK Downey? Follows the story of two wannabes who have tried to make a name for themselves. Terrance wants to be a rock star, while Theo dreams of getting his first book published: ‘Truck Stop Hustler,’ a racy look at life on the streets as a junkie prostitute. After a string of humiliations by both publishers and music critics, the two hatch a plan to turn Theo’s fictional book into an autobiography by creating a fictional character to be played by Terrance and managed by Theo. The two become overnight sensations...but of course it’s at a price. Who is KK Downey? is a hilarious examination of media hype and hipster ideology as told by acclaimed Montreal comedy group Kidanpper Films.  

Director: Darren Curtis, Pat Kiely
Producer: Pat Kiely, Kieran Crilly, Brandi-Ann Milbradt                                  
Key Cast: Darren Curtis, Kristin Adams (Where the Truth Lies), Matt Silver, Pat Kiely, Dan Haber, Paul Spence (It’s All Gone Pete Tong)

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